Welcome to the Boss Mom Academy
You have no problem coming up with great ideas.
In fact, you have so many great ideas that you aren't sure where to start. You feel a bit stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed. 

You started on this journey for more freedom, but you feel more chained to your business than ever. 
And you sometimes worry that you will end up sacrificing those priceless moments with your kids, which is the opposite of what you want. Well, we have so got you covered!
At Boss Mom we like to help you take the guesswork out of how to run your business so you can spend your precious moments in purposeful action.

The Boss Mom Academy is a place for all you work-at-home moms that have started a business and now want the right guidance and support to put all the pieces together to see it grow.
It's got everything you need...

Some programs might provide good content, and some might help connect you to the right people. Some might expand your mindset, and some might be a big party.  The Boss Mom Academy is the only place where you get all four in one place. You will find long lasting friends, colleagues, clients, and team members. You will shift your mindset and push past boundaries. You will cry, laugh, dance, and sing (yep we let it all out).  This is not just a program, it's a community...a community that also gets things done.

So Dana...
How do I know if this is a good fit?

You have already started your business, but may not have consistent revenue coming in

You want to be part of a community of like-minded collaborative women 

You know where you want to go, but you aren't really sure on how to get there

You want to brainstorm and also be held accountabile at the same time

You are an action taker and want a coach who will give you the steps you need to get things done

You don't want to build your business all alone in your office, you want to have fun and enjoy the process while feeling supported at the same time
What's Included...

You get 3 one-on-one strategy sessions with Dana (that's me)
In order to ensure you are moving your business in the right direction, with the right tools, the right goals, and the right priorities we need to dig in 1-on-1 and get a strategy set in place that will get you moving. Plus we get a chance to set a few quick result tasks that can help you leverage your skills now to bring in income while we get the Academy rolling. Then mid way through (month 3) we meet up again to make sure we are on track, and then towards the end of the program we do a final strategy session to make sure we have a plan of attack to keep you going after the program is finished. 
Group Coaching Calls Every Other Week Starting April 17th - September 18th
Every other week we meet to make sure we are all on track and have what we need to keep moving forward. That might mean finishing a launch, growing a new product, tweaking something that isn't working, or getting more visibility. Dana is always the coach and will always attend, and we reserve the right to bring in additional support from experts as needed. The bi-weekly calls end right before the Boss Mom Retreat and change structure see below. 
Access to the Exclusive BMA Mastermind at the Boss Mom Retreat 
On the third day of the Boss Mom Retreat Academy members will go have a private mastermind separate from the larger group. There will be other Academy perks at the events as well (wink). AND you get 50% off the ticket price by joining the Academy, and if you pay in full then you get your Retreat ticket for FREE. 
Lifetime Access to the Raising Your Business Program (Immediate Access)
This is my all in course that includes a 260 page workbook that we send right to your home. Everything you need to get your business moving is in this course and you get it forever. Add on the coaching, mapping, and huddles and you are going to kick butt...well you have to take action, but if you are going to give it your all, so will I. (Ps. We have a monthly Ask Me Anything call for Raising Your Business...and you have the ability to hop on and get your question answered if you want....just one more way to ensure you have the support you need)
Access to the Boss Mom Vault (pretty much all of my content)
For the duration of the program you get access to everything in my Vault...that means any smaller programs I create  while you are in the program are yours. And there is some awesome training we have planned.
You Are Paired with an Accountability Partner
You might think that you need to be in a coaching program where someone gives you the answers all the time and believe me, I like to dish out advice, but to really move your business forward you need to be empowered in your own decisions and shown that you have a beautiful brain with wonderful ideas. We strategically pair you with an accountability partner from the group so that you can help keep each other in check as well as brainstorm together. Don't worry, if there is something that you can't find a solution for...I got you covered, but we have found the accountability partners have been a huge success for past groups.
Access to the Academy and Raising Your Business private Facebook Groups
The Raising Your Business Facebook group is a closed, engaged group of ladies that make up an amazing place for market research, feedback, connection, collaboration, and referrals. We like to test content in this group. The Academy Facebook group is where we talk about the deeper workings of the content and businesses we are building before it's ready to see the world. This is a safe and awesome place where your fellow academy members will help hold you accountable and support you along the way, and I hang out in there too and offer up support. 
Two Final Monthly Group Check-In Calls in November & December
As we move to the end of the year we want to make sure that you have everything you need to continue to be successful. As parents we know the importance of weaning (grin). You don't want to stop cold turkey with the Academy calls and after the Retreat you will be super excited and charged to continue your journey, so we made sure that we can still connect as we finish out the year together. 
Some juicy extras if you choose the one-pay option...
A free ticket to the next Boss Mom Retreat in San Diego, CA in 2018...dates coming soon
Free access to any of my Boss Mom Mini one-day workshops in 2018
Sign up for a 20 minute fitting call and let's see if it's a good fit. 
I might need some help showing my support system that this is the right investment...
I am a big believer in a good support system. And I also think that support should question your decisions. I also know that you might want some extra support from me to help you explain the value. I got you covered. Just click the button below and download a 9 minute audio file that talks right to your partner so they can get to know me, the program, and understand why you should join. :) 
When does it start?
The Boss Mom Academy starts on April 17th, but once you join you get immediate access to the Raising Your Business program and the ability to schedule your first 1-on-1 strategy call with Dana.

The program officially goes until the end of 2018.​​​​​​​

Liz Thompson is a fan
"Joining the Boss Mom Academy has been a business and life-changing decision. Within the first 2 months of joining, I gained the confidence, knowledge, relationships and skills, that enabled me to re-pay the cost of the program in full. Through Dana’s masterful, direct yet encouraging, coaching style, I have learned how to develop and execute my business strategy, while implementing practical daily tactics to help grow my business. The Academy not only gave me access to Dana but also to a group of fantastic women in all stages of business, who connect, share and encourage each other. Thanks to the Academy and Dana, I have created my dream job, and found a balance between being a full-time mom, and a successful business owner."

Lilah and her hubby Zac giving their thoughts...

Zac: “My wife joined the Academy and I bet her that if she met my income in 6 months, that I’d start calling Benjamin’s Dana’s. Let’s just say we’re bringing in plenty of Dana’s now."

Lilah: “She doesn’t just coach, she connects you to incredible people, and consistently shifts to the needs of her students.”

Did we mention that Zac got to quit his job and is pursuing his own career as an online entrepreneur? 

Yeppers, I have to be a part of this.
Sign up for a 20 minute fitting call and let's see if it's a good fit. 
At the end of our time together, you will have...
We are talking super clarity about why you are in business, what you want to accomplish and we will have already taken great strides to move you towards your long term goals...with a positive trajectory to help you continuing in the right direction.

We plan to help create new habits for you in your business, and life, that help you stay on path, recognize when your attention is being pulled, and know where and how to focus on what's important.
Business is people, and when we help each other magic happens. You will meet other Boss Moms in the program that you will work with, create awesome new collaborations, and hopefully come away with some new wonderful friends.
While we can't guarantee that this program will make you rich and famous, we can tell you that this program will give you the tools you need to create strong systems in your business so that you can grow to a size that fits your goals. (we have had lots of success stories to show that it works)
So what can The Boss Mom Academy help you achieve?
We know there is a whole bunch of things you want to create in your business, so here are a few that we can help you with during your time with us...

- Assessing your current brand
- Understanding your ideal client and how to find them
- How to brainstorm and create virtual courses
- Understanding sales funnels (how they work and how to set them up)
- Email marketing and how to nurture your list
- Creating and launching new programs and products 
- Creating automation and effective processes 
- Growing your team
- Growing your community
- Launching a podcast 
- Utilizing motivational speaking
- Leveraging video in your business

And so much more...

Not to mention you will have a brainstorm buddy who happens to have extensive sales, marketing, broadcasting, copywriting, editing, management, culture development and event planning. (that's me)

Well hello here beautiful,
fancy seeing you here...

I am so pumped that you are considering the Boss Mom Academy as your next step on your business journey. 

I feel like we know each other already, but just in case you needed a bit more info on my past experience to help get you super comfy about working with me over the coming months, I thought I would show you a little bit behind the curtain. 

I have been running my own consulting business for almost five years, and launched Boss Mom when I wrote the Boss Mom book back in September of 2015 (I was preggers with my daughter at the time)

I have two awesome littles and a business baby and don't plan to have any more, well no more actual babies anyway.

I run a successful service and virtual product based business and has been featured on podcasts such as Hal Elrod's 'Achieve Your Goals', Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, EOFIRE and over 50 other podcasts to date. I also have over 10,000 students in various paid courses across multiple platforms and bring in consistent monthly passive and not so passive income each month. 

I have written two books (currently writing my third), started three podcasts, run two large scale events and tons of small ones, spoken across the country,  participated in affiliate marketing, created and sold courses, run membership sites, sold digital products and services through webinars and by phone and sold physical products. 

I am pretty tech savvy and my brain works fast. That means I love to test things out and see what works so I can use the knowledge to help you make smart decisions in your business.  

I'm super pumped to have you come join the Boss Mom Academy and move your business forward. 

See you soon,


Great question. The Boss Mom Academy is a $5000 program. It can be paid in full or paid over 6 monthly payments.  If you pay in full you also get a free ticket to the Boss Mom Retreat (over$1k value) and free access to all of my one-day minis. This is an amazing value for such a small group, with such intimate access to Dana (thats me). And while we can't guarantee that we will make you tons of money in your business, we are sure going to give it our all to get you the business success you want. 

Dana pushed me past my comfort levels and helped me to expand my perspective and even my belief in myself and my business.

She helped me clearly set goals and achieve them and all while making me feel like not just another client but also a friend. Dana is amazing in all that she does. She exudes confidence and by extension instills that confidence in myself and the other Academy ladies.

This investment is worth every penny and more.

- Samantha Johnston, Neapolitan Creative 
The best investment I have made in my entrepreneurial journey was joining the Boss Mom Academy.
Dana saved me time, money, and heartache with her coaching as she cut through the layers of confusion and chaos.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lost on this journey., but Dana has created a supportive and actionable plan to get your dream business out of your heart and into this world.

Her clear teaching, generous heart, and enthusiastic spirit gave me hope when I felt like all was lost. My business is thriving thanks to Dana’s guidance and the supportive community of moms that she has created. From the bottom of my heart, I am filled with gratitude for Dana.

                                       - Irena Miller, Founder of Yoga with Irena
Sign up for a 20 minute fitting call and let's see if it's a good fit. 

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