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I use a lot of tools in my business, but none have helped me organize and grow my business as much as Trello. And I want to show you how I use it for my business & life so it can change your life like it did mine.

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In case you don't know about Trello or Me...

Trello is a FREE project management and organizational tool that, in my opinion, is the perfect tool for creative entrepreneurs.  It's like Pinterest & Evernote had a baby... and like one of those really awesome babies that make life easier, and is always adorable. 

I use Trello to organize my content, manage reoccurring processes, act as a repository for information I need to reference, and manage large & one-off projects. I live in Trello I think once you take my training you will too. I go in depth to show you how I use this tool so you can leverage its power in your business.
And I'm a Trello Fanatic and the Founder of Boss Mom
I love Trello! I often refer to it as my 'Work Wife' and we have an amazing relationship. Trello helps me run my business, save time, interact with my team, and keep me on track in ways I never thought possible.  

I have tried so many tools and Trello is the perfect tool for the creative entrepreneur. No seriously, I live in Trello and it is such an important part of why my business has grown so rapidly. 

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